“Style is very different from fashion. Once you find something that works, keep it.” So said Tom Ford.

A classic shirt is the all purpose item and really can be worn to brunch, work, the beach and a party. Every wardrobe needs a sharp shirt in a cut that best suits your figure. We all know the principle of the shirt and the blouse and how it comes in all sorts of characters. Here are a few actors on the stage that you will see in the Winser London fashion collection.

Crisp white cotton shirts - These days they usually have a percentage of stretch in the yarn mix. Then there is the comfort factor, cool easy to wear, and don’t you love that freshly washed smell of a well ironed shirt.

Luxurious satin blouses - These are instantly sexy.

Tuxedo evening shirts - With possibly a double cuff and a few nifty pleats, so chic.

Kaftan styled shirts - With a hint of tone on tone embroidery, a little boho but not too much. I love all the variations and know a stylist who owns at least a hundred white shirts.

Since women got out of corsets and long dresses Shirts have been a permanent fixture in the fashion firmament. Probably they were first worn out hunting, then, when women took jobs, the shirt or blouse was adapted from men’s styles and it became a chic uniform for women everywhere. Shirts and blouses can be extremely sexy, especially when slightly fitted and tucked into pants or a slim skirt. The Mrs. Moneypenny effect on men is extraordinary!

Often women repeat-buy, rather than moving their style forward - not normally a good thing. With shirts, well, it is the exception and certainly there are good reasons to renew. A white shirt should be box fresh and this queen of staples can be replaced at the first sign of shabbiness as it is not an item that will break the bank. Each season there will be slightly different styling trends but the best way is keep it simple.

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