Tied Up in navy, Three Ways.

I’m a girl whose closet is neatly divided into black clothes and bright clothes.  I don’t own anything navy, never have.  No navy shoes.  No navy handbag.  No navy striped dress.  No classic navy blazer.  No navy anything.  I just don’t like navy blue (I think I spent too many years in finance, surrounded by navy blue suits).  But the day I tried on this blouse, that changed.  The only reason I even tried it on is that they didn’t  have the black one, so I tried the navy one for size.  The colour felt weird on me, like I was wearing someone else’s clothes.  However, it seemed to suit the elegant style of the blouse better than black, so I decided I’d give it a shot.  I do enjoy breaking fashion rules, even if they’re my own!  I decided to think of this as ‘Diet Black’ or ‘Black Lite’ instead of navy.  I’m not going to buy more navy stuff.   This is not going to be a new thing for me; this is just a one off!

Back to the silk blouse… I saw this blouse in cream on the Winser London website (a brand you know I love and buy a lot from) and loved it at first sight.  If you follow The Sequinist on Facebook, you’ll remember I posted a photo of it immediately and said I had to have it!  In cream especially, it has a Prince circa Purple Rain feel about it (in a good way), and I knew I’d get lots of use out of it.  It doesn’t look like anything I already own (always a good justification for a purchase) because I only own one blouse!  I’m not a blouse kind of gal…but then I was never a navy kind of gal either, and look what happened with that.  When I saw it in person, it was just as gorgeous as in the photos.  My favourite thing about it is that the tie at the top is detachable (with three tiny mother of pearl buttons) so that you can style it a number of ways.  I am always a sucker for clothes with versatility.

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