Victoria Rich

We’ve been busy this month shooting our Autumn/Winter 2014 images. We love Yasmin Le Bon, as she captures the spirit of Winser London - she is stunning, stylish, real and this season she is looking as beautiful as ever.
We always like to add new faces into our model selection too, this time we have added Milly who is a lovely model who you will see this season in both the Winser London campaign and also in Vogue. Victoria Rich, who is Creative Director at Union Models who manages Milly dropped into our shoot and we got chatting.

Victoria, the world of the model agencies is an interested one, did you always want to run a model agency or were there other careers you considered?

Initially I wanted to be a fashion designer but after my degree I came to the realisation that I appreciated other designers work much more than my own!

Passion, energy and intuition or a clever formulae, how does it all work? How do you spot the talent of the future, like Milly? When selecting your models do you think ahead to which brands might like which faces?

It is very much about intuition, a gut feeling which will hopefully turn out to have substance. You develop an eye over time and can tell how a face is going to photograph. It’s always exciting when you see a girl with a special quality. It’s not all about being classically beautiful; personality and energy play an enormous part too. Once we decide to represent a girl we immediately have in mind which of our clients’ brands’ will be interested in her.

You really are ‘behind the scenes’ of fashion but so influential in terms of the direction a brand takes as well as the career of a model. What do you find most challenging about your job and what’s the most rewarding?

The emotional element of my job is sometimes the most challenging. We are working with young people, who rely on you not only to develop and manage their career but also need your support on a personal level. I would also say that the politics involved sometimes in my job can be pretty challenging. The most rewarding aspect of my career is seeing a models career take off. It can be completely and utterly life changing for the model and give them incredible opportunities.

Creative Directors are responsible for not just understanding the aesthetic of the client’s brand but also managing the careers of the models, do you find conflicts sometimes and if so how do you deal with the challenge?

Yes there are conflicts at times but you work through it calmly and find a good solution for everyone involved. There is always a reasonable solution.

Your husband, Roger Rich, is an impressive photographer who has photographed so many collections from McQueen to us at Winser London. Do share with us how you first met, was there a whirlwind romance in this crazy fashion world somewhere that we should know about ...?

I strangely didn’t meet Roger through work, although of course I was familiar with his fantastic work! It was actually though a mutual friend who had arranged for us to meet up with him and another friend at Love Box, a festival in London. We met in the cider tent and it was love at first pint… not very glamourous I know!

We’ve seen you on TV wearing your favourite Winser London outfit – the Ivory Silk Shirt and Palazzo Pants. You looked stunning, a great advertisment for Winser London, thank you. Which are your favourite Winser London pieces from this new seasons collection that you'd like to share with our readers?

There is fantastic knitted coat, the Milano Maxi Coat, that works brilliantly with the crisp cotton shirt and slim fitted trousers.