Style Icon Vivien Leigh

“Only England could have produced her. She was the perfect English rose.” said style guru Diana Vreeland of Vivien Leigh. Indeed she was. She won the Academy Award for her portrayal of Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind” and I love to watch the movie every Christmas. 

She always maintained a personal style that was simple yet elegant; often she wore the chic dresses with maybe a cardigan flung over her shoulders and a string of pearls.

Whether in evening gowns or lounging in trousers, simple blouses and flat shoes, Vivien always looked beautiful.

She displayed a natural air of confidence and glamour and was as fabulous as a grandmother as she had been as a young twenty-something.

In the style of the time she accessorised with brooches, pearl necklaces, gloves and brimmed hats that accentuated her fragile face.

This is what she said about her own fashion taste. “I always like to have my clothes just like me,” she says. “I never buy any model, but I have it sized and discuss it with the designer. I don’t like suits so much as dresses and coats, because I’m little, but I like rather plain quiet tweeds for the country, with very bright blouses and sweaters.”–Vogue, 1935

How very trendy that would look; just wonderful today. I love the idea of teaming a searingly bright colour with a country skirt.

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