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Whatever we are planning for December, it’s a holiday season for families, big and small. Women basically do the work, the lists, the gifting, the shopping, the decorating and we try to keep everyone happy. Well, we do, don’t we?

Often we are travelling or at least going to visit family hither and thither. Its not the time to do the wardrobe rummage, a better plan is to have a capsule winter wardrobe to the fore. Normally my wardrobe is planned with shirts, pants, occasion dresses, sweaters etc. all hung together. But for this one month I assemble all the things I plan to wear in a group.

My red coat works for the city, whether to a carol service or shopping. My best trousers and cashmeres. A couple of evening blouses. Something jaunty for the few days over the holiday. There is always a family lunch, some out to drinks jolly but not dressy. A fun girls’ lunch, dinner with friends. Whatever your schedule is, think about getting a look together. That way its one set of decisions that are already made.

My choices from Winser. The Silk blouses seem to work so well for lots of occasions. It’s nice to have a sleek miracle dress to pop on when needed. I love all the colourful scarves, this is not a time for black but it is a time for pure cashmere. A new sweater always cheers me up so lets not wear an oldie even for the after lunch walk. Got to get into a skirt over Christmas, Church Services, and well just setting an example to the kids. It’s a good time to dress up and looking good is the best spirit raiser, well second to a glass of Champagne.

Whats Cooking - Long Length Silk Tunic



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