Why Less is More

Feel the pace of fashion is too fast? Think you could do without so much? Relax. You are not alone. I see so many women who know they have too much in their wardrobe. Yet at the same time, feel they don’t want to really have a capsule fashion collection because they think it would be boring. Think again!

If we really delve into our fashion psyche we know what we like to wear and what we impulse buy, you know that patterned top from Zara that we never wear!

What we do want is to move our fashion choices forward and be in tune with designer trends. But we also want to collect great building blocks that speak of grown up sophistication.
Good dresses that don’t “scream” are a case in point. Slimming, versatile and ripe for customising, with your own brand of style, using bags, shoes and jewels that are fun and individual. We probably wear trousers 200 times a year, so owning half a dozen good pairs is the key anchor to smart dressing. This season we see both the narrow and the wide pant making a fashion statement. One can never own too many smart tops, in jersey, crepe, silk and cotton or a modern mix of all these yarns. August is a good time for a big wardrobe audit. Let’s look at our Winter staples and replace what looks worn and cleaned too much! To sum up, staples are the key to intelligent dressing.

Milano Single Breasted Coat

Style Agenda by Vanessa de Lisle - www.thefashioncupboard.com