Every season there is a fashion colour that suddenly becomes important and this season it’s the new Winser Blue, inspired by the famous Klein Blue. This beautiful colour was developed by French artist Yves Klein. It also is the colour of the Gitanes cigarette packet, remember those? Not forgetting the beautiful Matisse blue nudes. Now it is this seasons hot, must have it hit of colour. A strong colour lifts the spirits as nothing else. After this glorious Summer it would be a pity to drift back into head to toe black too soon.

It is a colour best worn with black. I would like to say it goes with this and that but really, here’s the thing girls, for Winter, mix it with all your blacks. As with all the bright colours, keep the coloured garment simple. No frills or buttons and bows. Clean lines pure shapes strong outline.

Not feeling brave? Put a toe in the water and wear the colour as a shawl or simple jumper. For the fashion confident, trousers, dresses and sweaters are all available to try. In principle, I would recommend simple accessories. Strong gold or silver jewellery, not matching beads! Black shoes are probably best, although I do love the matching blue stilettos with the blue trousers in the photograph.

Whatever item works for you, wearing this flattering blue is life enhancing and a blast of colour really changes everything.

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