Yasmin Le Bon talks about her personal style agenda with Winser London founder Kim Winser

Kim: Yasmin, you are synonymous with beauty and elegance, yet you’ve been modelling since you were just a young girl, how do you feel your style is developing now?

Yasmin: I keep going back to things that I used to wear and I do think fashion goes around in cycles. It’s really important to enjoy the different phases that you’re going through. So I may be going through quite a grown up elegant phase right now but any minute but just around the corner I feel a deeply hardcore rock and roll phase coming....

Kim: Your image and style always comes with a real sense of enjoyment and this looks to come from a real love of life, have you always been like this?

Yasmin: Yes, I have always been like that, I am so lucky and it would be a crime not to enjoy this life and world. The beauty of fashion and design is there to be enjoyed, it is not meant to be deep and meaningful, it is about the beauty of fashion design. It’s meant to be a much more emotional thing - it’s all about emotion and enjoyment.

Yasmin: you’ve got to have fun and I am also happy to make mistakes, or what other people think are mistakes, I just love that! Somebody tells me I shouldn’t do something then that’s it, I have to do it. It’s terrible, its my naughty side emerging!

Kim: And what do you love in clothes? What are you really passionate about?

Yasmin: You know, there are so many different things. I think the older you get the more you start looking at detail, you just can’t help it, it is about the cut and fit.The way something makes you feel starts to become more and more important, the quality of beautiful fabrics makes a real difference.The way something is finished and the care someone has taken with where a pocket is cut and how lovely the lining is. These things become very important and they make me feel different, they make me hold my body in a different way.

Kim: When do you feel the best, dressed casually, draped in cashmere or do you prefer to be in a sexy dress and heels?

Yasmin: I will have it all thank you, yes! You see that is the real me coming out again. I love the sensuality of the cashmere and the way it feels on you and the way people touch you when you’re wearing cashmere, really beautiful quality cashmere like this of course is my real desire... Sounds like we’re getting risqué here but it is true people want to cuddle you more and they want to touch you when your clothes feel amazing next to your skin. I love cashmere on the beach with the sand, the wind and jumping in and out of the sea-perfect! I pack cashmere for every holiday and people laugh at me, and then they all try to pinch my cashmere, one at a time...You can never have too many beautiful cashmere pieces.

Kim: A favourite for me is snuggling on a plane in cashmere too.

Yasmin: Oh definitely, nothing better on a plane, my cashmere wraps help make my space into my own little world. When I’ve been travelling on business without my girls, they would take my scarves and go to sleep with them as if I was still there with them.

Kim: Now to my last question. These pictures of you are stunning but if you could choose your favourite, which one would it be?

Yasmin: Oooh, out of the pictures we shot today, that’s quite tough actually, yes it’s quite a tough one. It has been really lovely to be photographed in product I would genuinely want to wear. The last picture was really beautiful and it’s quite hard to get a shot like that out of me at my age. I was delighted to be naked with your cashmere, even on concrete floor! I like some of the more playful ones too with the silk shirt and pants and your pearls, and I loved the shoot but its nothing to do with me, it’s all to do with the team and the garments. Roger is a special photographer too.

Kim: No it is, it is! People often say with products that it’s not about the raw materials, the yarns or the fabrics, but it is. It’s always all about the true quality of the ingredients. And today on this photo shoot you are the special ingredient, thank you for a fun and enjoyable day!

Yasmin: (laughing) Thank you very much..

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