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Kim Winser shares her essential packing tips for travelling light without sacrificing on style.


Whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, our founder Kim Winser has the answer to all of your packing quandaries. As a frequent traveller herself, not only is Kim constantly on-the-go but always needs to look her best, too.

Kim says, "if I could I would help every woman pack I would, it is definitely not about quantity it is all about quality packing." 

Perfect the art of packing with Kim’s top five tips for effortless travel style…


Start with shoes…

Kim advises "When packing for a trip, you should always start with footwear. You need to think about what shoes/boots would work for the style of the trip and go with multiple outfits, versatility of dressing and layering are both vital when travelling. During the day opt for a pair of flats that are comfortable enough to wear all day, looking happy and comfortable is a sign of clever packing too!” 


Lay everything out…

When packing for a trip, Kim suggests laying potential outfits out across a double bed. “Each double bed delivers 3-5 days of outfits, so it’s a great way to see each outfit in front of you. It also allows you to see which pieces can be mixed and match, and what items can work in the day and the evening. For example, our boyfriend jacket can work for a serious meeting but equally dressed down with jeans for an evening with friends. Dresses are a good choice for during the day and easy to dress up in the evening, possibly with a shoe change and a little extra jewellery or make-up ”


Add playful prints and colours into the mix…

“Consider base colours and then add the fun. I always start with neutral colours such as beige and black before adding pops of colour. In the office I tend to stick to tonal dressing, so on holiday it’s fun to experiment with more colourful and printed pieces, such as our new Giraffe print palazzo pants or dress.”


Create a holiday capsule…

Shop sensibly. It can be tempting to buy an all-new wardrobe. But Kim advises against this; “Don't pack just because it's new, pack because it works. Your most-loved pieces are that for a reason – don’t splash out necessarily on items you’re only going to wear once. Instead, choose investment pieces that can work in the office and abroad.”


Don’t forget a fabulous coat or accessory…

They say in business you make up your mind on someone in the first few minutes of seeing or meeting them. Think then about your outerwear, the coat is so important and can make you feel so good whether striding down a road or walking into a hotel or meeting. So worth serious consideration. And then there's the  accessory that takes you everywhere. Kim says "I own two products from my collection more than anything else - the Audrey cashmere jumper and matching cashmere wrap, I only travel in these, I just invested in the Khaki in both and truly LOVE them!"  

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