Kim's Top Tips on WFH

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Kim's Top Tips on WFH

Kim's Top Tips on WFH

The majority of the country and the world are all adapting to new normality of staying in and working from home. We at Winser London hope you and the family are all keeping safe during these uncertain times.

It has been amazing to see how we can adapt so quickly and how much support there is for the more vulnerable at times like this, something we continue to support wholeheartedly. We are fortunate on many fronts as we set the company up as a remote business model so there is no change to our operations or availability to our amazing customers. As a team, we operate rather like a family and are determined to do our very best to keep some normality for each and every customer and team member.

Kim Winser OBE, our founder has curated her top tips to help you keep focused whilst working at home.

Dress code: Do give some consideration to your outfits each morning, good to look fresh, modern and relaxed, it helps keep up your positivity & professionalism. 


Mental positivity: We need a treat each day and remember looking forward to it can be as good as the treat itself, so best not to peak too early!

Energy and drive: Home working can be lonely so it's important to find your own way to keep engaged, we do once a weekly Zoom calls to discuss successes, issues and the next set of priorities.

Exercise: A walk outside does wonders for your thinking and mind balance, particularly when facing a work dilemma, I find talking to myself and, I must admit, occasionally to Snoopy, my dog, can help too!

Good communication: It is key to maintain strong and effective teamwork; we have developed a few Whatsapp groups focussed on specific areas within the company which are regularly in use.

Workspace: A library type zone at home becomes vital, whether an office room or a private 'do not disturb' table - home distractions will need management.

Personal management: Short term planning can help, rather like dealing with trauma, as too far in advance can be a little concerning in uncertain times.

Achievement: For most of us we are driven by a sense of having made a difference. Try to remember that applies to you so try to make one thing happen each day, but it also applies to your team and they like to feel their work has made a difference.

Email at work: Working at a distance puts more pressure on emailing etiquette, it's worth reading one more time before pressing send.

To Smile: It's so good to remember to smile, laugh and enjoy something silly.

We curated some of our key products so you can adapt your wardrobe to a WFH style. Keep us posted on how you're getting on at home via Instagram @winserlondon #winserlondon.

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