Winter Season Knits

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Winter Season Knits

Winter Season Knits

Time to celebrate the new season - enjoy colour, contemporary stitches and shapes.
Luxe knitwear is a fashion favourite for easy morning styling, week to weekends.
Look-good, feel-good.
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Shope our Merino and Cashmere Kintwear - soft, sustainable and stylish
Merino sheep are one of the toughest and oldest breeds in the world, thriving through the searing summer heat and freezing winter months. As a result of years of evolution, they have developed a uniquely soft, lightweight fleece that helps regulate their body temperature, keeping them cool in the summer, and insulating them against extreme cold in the winter. 
Mother Nature’s own technically advanced, sustainable, and bio-degradable fibre, merino yarn can adapt to its environment, acting as a wearable thermostat that can be worn year-round for optimum comfort. With its innate wicking-qualities, it absorbs moisture away from the skin, helping you feel dry and comfortable in the heat, which is why it is often used as a sport and activewear base layer.
Winser London have sourced an extra-fine worsted spun yarn with a soft, lustrous finish to use throughout our merino collection. This high quality-yarn ensures minimal pilling on wear, and delivers a beautifully tactile finish to our knits, which all benefit from the natural crease-resistant properties and unparalleled softness and comfort of merino, without the bulk and sometimes itchy finish of other wools. 

Coveted for its luxurious softness and lightness, cashmere fibres deliver a beautiful intensity and vibrancy of colour. Our designs, crafted from superior-grade cashmere yarn, will not only last a lifetime, but should be considered heirlooms for future generations.

At Winser London, we use expertly sourced top-grade Mongolian cashmere, hand-combed from the under-bellies of free-range mountain goats. The long, strong, downy fibres that grow to keep them warm are then spun into the highest-quality, super-fine yarns. 

Our cashmere knits are a supremely soft two-ply weight, so are perfect for year-round wear and will become a cherished wardrobe staple for decades to come.

However, not all cashmere is the same quality, be wary of ‘bargain cashmere’ garments on the market, they are often made from cheaper ‘short-fibre cashmere’ produced from goats farmed at lower altitudes, that haven’t developed the longer, softer, cashmere hairs. 

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